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General Questions

Here are a few answers to help you know us better

Is Niwahi Credit registered?

What are the requirements for individual loans?

All the requirements for loans are listed under the loan product option on top of the website.

How do I repay my loan?

Repay your loan using MPESA to our pay bill number xxxxxx, or through bank.

What types of loans does Niwahi Credit offer?

We offer Group Loans, individual/SME loans, Salaried loans, Education loans and Emergency loans. We help you achieve more in your business and personal life.

How do I apply for a loan?

Option 1: You can download a form from our website, fill it, and submit to our offices in person. Option 2: Fill an application form at our offices where you ...

How do I receive the loan I applied for?

Once approved your loan will be sent via MPESA, Bank Transfer or Cheque. Our officers will always be ready to guide you with the procedures.

Who does Niwahi Credit target?

We target economically active an self-driven individuals in business or employment

What does “Niwahi” mean?

“Niwahi” is a local word that means “Give Me” or “be on time” in Swahili