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Lucy Solomon

“I am pleased and grateful to Niwahi Credit for providing the Niwahi Stawisha Loan, which assisted me in expanding my business.”

Joyce Ngige

“A friend referred me to Niwahi Credit when I was stuck on how to finance my LPO, and they quickly resolved the issue. Their processing time is lightning-fast.

Josphat Kioko

I absolutely needed a tank right away for my agricultural business. Niwahi credit came through with perfect timing to save my yields with the Niwahi Endeleza loan.” Josphat Kioko

Dennis Munene

“I never have to worry that my son won’t go to school because i can’t afford it. Najipanga with the Niwahi Masomo Credit. My son is flying high because of Niwahi credit!”

Susan Kariuki

“I never have to wait until my salary gets paid. I can do more in life thanks to Niwahi Timiza Loan.”